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I just witnessed a car with Florida license plates completely BLOW THROUGH the 4-way stop sign at Jett Ferry & Dunwoody Club Drive. He was on Dunwoody Club Drive headed west. I had just approached the intersection on Jett Ferry headed north. Had I gotten there 10-20 seconds earlier, it is quite possible the car would have hit me on the passenger side; with my wife sitting there.

Are there any plans on improving the safety of this intersection? (We don’t need a traffic light. That will simply cause more traffic to be backed up during non-rush hour times.)

We regularly have collisions at this intersection. My wife & I regularly walk across this intersection going to the shops. Even with the crosswalk painted white lines, it still does not feel safe & inviting for a person to be there & walk across the intersection on foot.

Here are some suggestions:

• Very quickly & cheaply, paint on the pavement well-in-advance of the intersection in all directions: “Stop Ahead”
• Add “Stop Ahead” signs
• Get a flashing red light installed – Just like there is at Dunwoody Club Drive & Ball Mill
• Install a splitter island installed on Dunwoody Club drive on the east side of the intersection where there are pedestrians which cross
• Rumble strips ahead of the intersection
• Raised Pedestrian Crossings
• Slowing the speed limit down from 35 to 25 mph:
a) On Jet Ferry from Mt. Vernon to Dunwoody Club Drive. This is a pedestrian-intense segment with an unsafe number of curbcuts that would have never been approved today (ask Sandy Springs to continue it to several hundred feet prior to the intersection)
b) On Dunwoody Club Drive starting from Mt Vernon (to the east) to several hundred feet west of the intersection
• Install mid-block pedestrian crossing islands (act as traffic calming. “Inform” motor vehicle drivers there are persons on foot in this area.)
a) Jett Ferry halfway between Mt. Vernon & Dunwoody Club
b) Dunwoody Club halfway between Jett Ferry & Mt. Vernon

FHWA Reference on Unsignalized Intersections: http://safety.fhwa.dot.gov/intersection/unsignalized/presentations/unsig_pps_041409/long.cfm

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