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The travel trailer at 12143 88th avenue has sat in their yard for almost a year now and is nothing more than a disgusting lawn decoration now. It has only moved 3-4 times when asked by county code or county police because it was (and still is) in violation of county ordinance. When will fines be issued and rules be carried out and completely followed? How long does this need to continue? Will we, the neighbors, need to attend county meetings to address this issue because this complaint website is certainly not effective? We can see all the complaints and the same scenario continues and nothing is done to fix issue. Numerous people have complained and commented on this inoperable empty travel trailer using this website. There is an county ordinance (122-36.5. Parking restrictions in residential areas) that must be followed. What is they point of having ordinances if they are not enforced to their fullest? If something is not done this last time we will need to bring this up to higher in command to resolve this issue. As you know by the history, first, the trailer sat on county property, on right of way (county problem so county code people apparently told them to move it) so resident moved it to front yard diagonally behind tree after been spoken to. Again, this violated county ordinance. Afterwards, when the resident moved in yard diagonally (different problem of county and addressed by different code personnel) they then moved to driveway but it's too long (some of problem of county and passed on with sherif department). Now it sits AGAIN in the middle of the front yard diagonally in front of tree on front yard not in driveway violating more and same ordinances. Come on people, read the history on this travel trailer and this resident! Can the county and sheriffs departments bring a tape measurements device to the resident and inform them of how this travel trailer can not fit on their property in their front yard? This is a disgrace! This has been well over 3/4 of a year with the music chairs of this trailer around their front property. This is a joke! It will not fit in their front yard, PERIOD. Can the county code and sheriffs departments do something and continue to follow-up and follow-up until it is removed or not violating any ordinances? We as neighbors are sick of looking at this trash! I, for one, am looking to list my house and property on the street and will not get the best representation of my beautiful neighbor with this travel trailer sitting as an unattractive oversized lawn ornament!

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Q. Type of code violation
A. prohibited vehicle

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