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First, the traffic here is terrible! There needs to be left turn signals. The road is so bumpy it's hard to stop, especially if a bit if ice settles in the wavy pave job traveling east on Vreeland. The sound of large trucks barreling down Vreeland all night is maddening! Whenever a shift lets out out of the Ford plant I can't pull out of my neighborhood. The light needs to function 24 hours, there's so much traffic there at 5:30 am I can't pull out of Coachlight or onto Allen. 
The answer is NOT to waste our tax dollars putting a Gibraltar PD officer sitting on his behind in the school district building parking lot, what exactly is he enforcing anyway? No one can get anywhere!!! The light is only 45 seconds long!
Spend our tax dollars fixing the road, adding left turn signals that function 24 hours and reducing the heavy truck traffic that's contributing to the noise, traffic and breakdown of the road in the first place. 

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