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From: Stephen Busch []
Sent: Sunday, June 14, 2015 4:03 PM
To: India Woodson
Subject: Large Water Oaks on city property falling apart...

Hi India,
I wanted to see if you could take a look at two Water Oaks next to our property. Not sure what to think of them...We have lost power (with a hole in the side of the house from flying cable wires) due to large branches falling off the tree, currently there is a branch that looks 8" cal that is dead hanging over our power line and last night our power went out due to a huge branch falling on the power line going to the apartments next door to us.

There are other huge branches hanging over where my wife parks and kids play. Can you come out and take a look at them to check both the safety and vitality of the trees? Can we have the dead branch hanging over our power line removed? Waking up to the fire department and power company sawing at midnight stinks and I have a feeling this will happen again.

The two oaks are in the Montgomery Street ROW ( about 15' off the road) between our house at 204 Northern Ave 30030 and the Apartment building next door to us. One block from Ponce De Leon.

I'd be happy to meet with you on site if needed.

Stephen Busch


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