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There is a city ordinance against skateboarding in Mears Park. For many reasons. #1 it is a family and dog friendly park #2 people go for photo opportunities because of the upkeep in the park. #3 It is a volunteer park, that means people who live in the surrounding area take care of it not so much the city. All of the flowers you see is because a volunteer planted it, and some spend a lot of their own money. The skateboarders are wrecking the park. People are afraid of getting hit, the pavers are cracking and we have to beg the city for any money to fix anything in the park. They have been vandalizing the flowers people have planted. This is not a park for skateboards but they done care. When the police are called they never show, or show too late after they take off. They know they are not to be there. If the police would start writing tickets they would go away. And they would raise money to perhaps help the park.

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