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Last March a tragedy put a hole in our street and in our hearts, when number 305 Howard Ave. (Santos family’s home) was destroyed in an explosion, and the Antrum/Rivers home on the left (309) and Ortiz home on the right (301) were heavily damaged, temporarily dislocating these families. [See uploaded photo.]
Neighbors want to create “tree surround gardens” in front of their damaged homes, so they’ll know that their neighbors haven’t forgotten them—and that we’re looking forward to their return. (Plants will be provided for FREE by Yale’s Urban Resources Initiative Greenspace program.)
But we need YOU to help with the planting.
We’d also like to plant FREE trees, shrubs, or FLOWERS in the tree strip [curb strip/area between the sidewalk and curb] in front of YOUR home or apartment. (Take a look at Howard Ave. from Second to Fourth Streets to see what your neighbors did last year. This particular Greenspace group works approximately in the area bounded by First St., Hallock Ave., Fifth St., Greenwich Ave., including that portion of Howard and the numbered cross streets between.)
WHEN: June through July. Days of week & times will be determined by group members. So join now and we’ll accommodate your schedule! Also, if you join now you can help us determine which additional locations on the aforementioned streets we’ll tackle this season.

HOW TO JOIN: Call me, Chris Schaefer, at 203-668-6348. If no answer, PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE and I’ll return your call. OR email me: schaeferchristopher@yahoo.com

“As neighbors work together to beautify their homes, they begin to identify other problems of concern: trash, crime, abandonment, etc. Before you know it, a planting project creates common ground which helps solve a variety of problems…” Community Greenspace Manual: Urban Resources Initiative

For more info about this program go to

To see one of our planting sessions last year go to https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2231743476732.2131313.1342249996&type=3&l=a33eb6323e

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