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Subway Pigeon Armageddon Aberta

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Pigeons are not just roosting, but increasingly NESTING on the north side of both northbound and southbound subway platforms DIRECTLY OVER the waiting area, although the problem is FAR worse on the northbound platform.

The pigeon spikes that were put up long ago are in disrepair, the pigeon wire that had been up has for some reason been removed completely, and 'repairs' over the last year involved putting up sturdy NETTING (!) and wooden boards DIRECTLY over the platform that have become enormous pigeon NESTS.

Not surprisingly, the platform is COVERED with feces and has been for MONTHS.

The area was already a problem because of open roosting areas under the overpass (across the tracks from the waiting areas), which have always needed pigeon spikes, but the situation with the nests now over the tracks is now completely out of control.

This is all totally gross, a health hazard, and a falling poop hazard, especially for passengers who are exiting trains.

After months of a worsening condition the MTA has been completely unresponsive other than a letter acknowledging receipt of a complaint months ago (the platforms obviously haven't even been cleaned in months).

Is there another avenue to getting some action taken, and soon?

(Photo below shows netting, now covered in feces, where pigeons are nesting over the northbound platform)

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