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We've placed in numerous request through the city pothole association to hear us out.... The Service Request Reference No. is: W014716-080311

As a home owner to the four properties on Duncan Court, and the additional complaints from the surrounding neighbor of this existing road condition. We've been very disappointed to how the city has neglected to repair and service this failing roadway, Duncan Court (registered also as Calhoun St). To consider the severity and extent of the patches of potholes, cracks, rutting, raveling, ride quality, traffic volume, and poor drainage are at a severe scale. The bed rock to this roadway is at it poorest quality that it has damaged the sidewalk we've just completed two years ago.

The sealer applied to parts of the asphalt cracks to prevent water penetration has done nothing but worsen throughout the years, these failing areas needs to be completely replaced and not patched. The bed-rock has turned up to waves. We the family of Duncan Court will like to consider that the city also repair the concrete curb, sidewalk, and drainage structures.

This existing roadway, curb, and parts of the sidewalk need to be reconstructed! See the pictures of the current road condition below.

We would really like to consider the street to be revitalized like Fairmont Lane, but the road is beyond normal maintenance measures!


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