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Maple, Church, and Shawmut. Please install speed hump on Maple Open

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The area where Maple turns into Church Street, and meets Shawmut. There needs to be a crackdown on Speeding into downtown North Haven from Maple street.
Cars tear around the curve when there are activities on the Green, when church is letting out, masonic events in progress etc. Why cant we have a permanent $150 Pedestrian Crossing sign in the crosswalk? It should stay in the center year round.

Why cant there be a speed hump or two at the curve on Maple, leading into the little downtown Church street?

Has a pedestrian ever been struck here? The speeding is consistent and disrespectful of the historic district and town green.

A speed hump should be strategically placed so that cars and buses slow down as they approach the green. This should be permanent, not just on Tuesday nights in July!

SInce North Haven offices, Masons, and Church all share that parking lot,some attention should be put on the lot entrance/exit there. With cars speeding into town, and some cars attempting to veer onto shawmut out of town, it is a really dangerous situation. It seems a blinking light, a pedestrian crossing, and a speed hump would do a lot to help this situation.
Cars SHOULD be (including sometimes police and CtTransit!) going much slower near the green. It seems silly to not do anything when some cheap signage and other traffic calming measures would do a lot of good for everyone.

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