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On Sunday evening, I was out walking my dog, and as usual, picked up cigarette butts and trash along the sidewalk on Mayo Ave. There was a Cornerstone resident (wearing a badge around his neck) smoking and I asked him if he knew that throwing cigarette butts on the ground was illegal. He said he didn't know that. He was a nice guy, and he explained the managers at Cornerstone make them go out there. Many of us here in the townhomes have tried to contact someone from Wake County to discuss this because our phone calls and emails to Cornerstone are unanswered. We don't mind them being out there, but clean up the mess! Hundreds of cigarette butts every couple of days. Better yet? ... why doesn't Cornerstone create an outside smoking area for their residents instead of insisting they walk out to the sidewalk and litter there? Ironically, after our nice conversation, the man who was smoking threw his cigarette butt on the sidewalk and walked back into Cornerstone!

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