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At The Ball Field on woodward ave. there are no parking signs posted all over the place, but yet people just keep on dissobaying the law. I do understand they want to watcg there children play and it's a good place to view the ballgame but the road is to narrow with cars on both side of street that is why the no parking anytime signs are up.Another thing is that they just put in the rotorys or roundabouts to keep the road safe, but i am so, afraid that someone or a kid is going to get hit by a car or truck, and the sad part is the city has plenty of parking in the lot it's half full this last saturday someone had a tarp up for shade Tickets should be handed out because the people don't know how to read No parking anytime means even when your child is playing a game for fun don't wait until someone get hurts and dont give anybody downtown a ticket for parking who are trying to get important business done its just not fair

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