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Odor Complaint


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The usual pure compost odor caused by a temperature inversion with no wind. The smell infiltrates into the neighborhood. I see the standard response you send. I have lived with this odor on and off even before WeCare. We sued the city and won, there is an outstanding court order that WeCare violates on almost a daily basis.sending noxious odors into the neighborhood. There is no amount of study that will eliminate this odor. The only option is to shut down WeCare and dismantle the composting facility. The City has been out maneuvered by the WeCare lawyers. It is time to get serious and shut down the facility or risk another law suit.

also asked...
Q. Type of smell?
A. Compost Smell
Q. Please provide us with the exact date and time of day that the odor was detected.
A. 7 pm 10/7/15
Q. Rate the intensity of the odor (5 being the worst)
A. 3
Q. If we need to follow up with you on this important issue, would you please provide us your contact information so we can further investigate your complaint?
A. Ken Andrews

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