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Woodland Heights




Forget the description!!! My daughter has lived next to this address for over two years. It has black snakes and rats and she has complained over and over to the police about squatters and druggies at that address. I don't understand why (even with the economy being what it is) that the city of Richmond wouldn't do anything about this place. Why wait for me to hire my daughter a lawyer and everyone spend money that could be used for better things. But it has been two years and she has pictures (which we would be glad to forward} but why do that if the city can have someone just walk up and see the horrible problem. t What or to whom do I/she have to ask help from? A Senator? The President ? (And I am not being facetious. Her dog was already bitten and the other neighbor has two children under the age of three who play out back where that vermin are. Please respond ASAP or I/we have to seek some sort of legal remedy.. I am not trying to be a whiny old man but this problem has been ongoing and not just my daughter is affected. Those children are subject to rat or snake bites and/or finding drug paraphernalia at or in that house. .Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this matter...Nick Majersky

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