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This entire block has a couple of issues with over growth.

The entire street light in the middle of the block is overgrown with tree branches that are over 20 ft from one side of the street to the other, these same branches cover almost all of the light from the lightpole at night. The last inspector said he would report it and have the tree trimmed as the law states nothing over 17 ft across the street from what the city inspector said and these are at least 20 feet and blocking the safety of the lights for others.

There are two houses on the same street where their bushes are overgrown into the street
I have asked both neighbors to cut them as you cannot see around that and cars parked on the street
A child almost was hit by myself as I could not see them playing in bushes grown into the street. Both these homes are on the west side of 76th street.
There are also 2 house on the east side, I believe one is 1225 as well as the house directly south next door that has overgrown vegetation to the point of rodents running around when I walk my dog around the block
These safety issues for the kids and seeing are the main concern
overgrown grass is a eyesore but something you can live with as long as there aren't rodents and such drawn to it

also asked...
Q. What are you reporting?
A. Overgrown vegetation

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