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the vigilance of the new haven parking enforcement has noticeably enhanced its efforts. in one day of parking downtown I received not one, but two tickets, despite an attempt to keep up with the meter payments. the first site, on chapel near Barcelona, I was less than 10 minutes late for the 2 hour meter, and admit, ok, my fault.

but the second time, on state street near Kumo, multiple signs clearly say 12 hours, 7am - 7pm. I took a picture. I parked after 7pm, and so did not pay the meter, and was ticketed at 8:30pm. can the meter maids not read their own signs?

And a second complaint of evening parking near the green that is only for a maximum of 1 hour up until 9pm. who comes to the downtown NH for only 1 hour after 7pm? dinner, events, drinks... can you really not expand the meter length of time allotted for evening parking now that we're getting charged after 7pm?? or are the parking garages trying to drive traffic to their lots?

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