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Alley Clearing


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I recently file a complaint regarding the resident at the above address dumping yard waste, 4x4 fence posts and other trash in the alley behind his residence. I saw the inspector out the other day. Not sure if he spoke with resident.
This afternoon I observed the alley is STILL full of debris plus fresh trimming from trees in his yard, He has moved some of the wooden fence onto his neighbors property! All this debris in in the swail and if we should get a heavy rain the water cannot flow to the culvert under park street. If the debris washes to the culvert it will block it and cause rain water to back up onto other property. I would appreciate a second look at this problem. Thank you

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Q. What needs to be cleared from the alley?
A. Litter in alley, Larger dumped items in alley (ie. furniture), Overgrown vegetation blocking alley

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