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School Bus Blocking Traffic Open

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On daily basis, there are school buses right across Yeshiva of Brooklyn on 1470 Ocean Parkway that block the traffic for no reason. There are no children getting in or out of the buses. The buses used by the school are extra large size and not easily manageable. Usually the buses are parked for hours which makes it difficult for other cars to drive by. Today I waited in the car for 45 minutes because one of the school buses could not drive through as there was another school bus parked. This occurs daily and I am either stuck in the car or hear from my apartment on 1440 Ocean Parkway cars honking because of blocked traffic. There is no excuse for such irresponsible behavior and I would like to ask the community board or any city agency to take action. The size of the buses need to be smaller and the buses need to be parked only when picking up or dropping off children. I have a three month old daughter and don't want to get stuck for 45 minutes in case of an emergency.

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