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The stretch of Pleasant Beach Dr. from Pritchard's place to the entrance of Ft. Ward State Park has a posted speed limit of 25 mph. It's not possible to safely drive this fast on that stretch of road. The road is so narrow that cars have to slow down to 15mph or less if an oncoming vehicle approaches. Many times it requires pulling into a homeowner's driveway to allow the oncoming vehicle to pass. There are 2 areas with blind bends in the road and one where it is virtually one lane. Add to this all of the people walking their dogs, jogging, cycling, and the numerous vehicles (some towing boats) heading to and from the State Park, it's just not safe. With proposed reduced speed limits on Feb. 24th's Council Meeting Agenda, I am wondering if Council will consider including dropping the speed limit to a maximum of 20mph along this stretch of Plesant Beach Dr. COBI is at risk by having an unsafe speed limit posted in this area. The State Park recognized the need for reduced speed on this road and has posted a 15mph speed limit once the road reaches its boundary. Thank you for your time and consideration. AND THANK YOU FOR SEECLICKFIX! :-)

Sorry my computer skills aren't sophisticated enough to allow me to include a photo or Flip video.

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