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I have seen on several occasions that the owner of a dog who lives (they both live) at 10 Ford Lane in Framingham, takes out his dog on leash at around 8 am and let's the dog pee on his own property and then leads the dog over to the back piece of 14 hickey drive to direct the dog to poop there, and then does not ever clean up the poop. 10 Ford lane abutts a wetland, and this is polluting. The owner should be cleaning up after the dog. You can see the poops right around a tree stump at the back of the 14 hickey drive property. If necessary, I can upload an image.

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A. The owners of a dog that live at 10 Ford lane intentionally direct their dog to poop on property at 14 Hickey drive, property that abutts their neighbor's property. They repeatedly allow their dog to poop on the 14 hickey drive property and do not clean it up.

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