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A group of Leap children & counselors boarded bus 464 approximately 1:25pm and was greeted by a very disgruntled bus driver who eventually put the 2 Counselors off the bus along with 9 children in the heat because she could not controll her temper over them being $2 dollars short on their fare which the Leap program contracts with the City of New Haven every summer for transportation but this bus driver took on the attitude as though the money came directly out of her pocket. She began to say how the Counselor was not educated enough to handle the kids in the program and how she wasnt slow using the term "boo boo I have been doing this for 18 years I have a son in the Army and a daughter your age You have no education" all while driving the public transist bus. She was very unprofessional and did not handle this with enough integrity to abstain from inappropiate language, behavior and attitude in front of a bunch of minors. Constantly degrading the Counselor in front of the other passengers and the kids in the program that was accompanying the Counselor on a field trip all while treating the Counselor who is her daughter's age and someone else's daughter like she was nothing to nobody. This is and was very poor customer service.

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