House renovated to be halfway or Vets hosuing Open

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Alleghany West




2904 north 26 street house is being renovated for halfway house or housing for vets. The people working on the house told neighbors. Owner Daniel Allen and operator of W.A.W.G Investment group, who is being this project and owns this property does not have any permits or any notices on the outside of the house informing neighbors what 2904 north 26 street, phila 19132 was going to be. We found out from the guys working on the house. Kids, children, seniors, and little girls live on that street. He has no permits, we check through L and I, to make this into a housing, so he is secretly putting this housing here without permits or outside notice. We contact L and I and still waiting on a response. The workers are there mostly mid-day fixing the inside up for rooms. Neighbors are complaining, they are banging sometimes after 8pm.

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