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I live on Livingston St. My Blue, 1996 Ford Van was stolen overnight on 7/23/2112 from Livingston St. near Avon St. and later found nearby on the following morning. The ignition had been "popped". Over 1000$ in tools were stolen. What wasn't stolen was destroyed. After refueling it
I discovered the transmission had been damaged. Large items were stolen from the van as well, so a larger vehicle is used as "transport vehicle" Van may have been taken somewhere else to unload but there was very little fuel so it could not have been far. The gas cap was missing and not found nearby. I believe the fuel had been siphoned also. Any information would be appreciated. The van is a full-sized van blue in color. I recovered the vehicle myself this morning at the intersection of Linden and Livingston Streets. I have made a police report with The New Haven Police Dept.

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