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Odor Complaint


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As reported by a neighbor I have smelled a compost odor on and off for the afternoon. Note to Mayor you were re-elected easily. If this odor situation persists you will not have such an easy time at the next election. These odor continue to violate the court order won by the Carisbrooke residents some time ago. Realize for every one complaint there are 10-20 other people who don't bother to report. This is the experience I had monitoring the odor issue for over 20 years. Enough is enough!

also asked...
Q. Type of smell?
A. Compost Smell
Q. Please provide us with the exact date and time of day that the odor was detected.
A. No Answer Given
Q. Rate the intensity of the odor (5 being the worst)
A. 2
Q. If we need to follow up with you on this important issue, would you please provide us your contact information so we can further investigate your complaint?
A. kra@kenandrewsphotography.com

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