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The multi-family building under construction next to the climbing gym is occupying the sidewalk and had cordon-ed off a temporary crossing that was working well. Last week, the temporary crossing became a storage area for rebar and pedestrians are being directed to cross mid-block. This is a very un-safe situation. There is too much of a desire line to stay on the north side of the street, and I keep seeing people walking in the street instead of crossing. The street also has a lot of AC Transit buses running on it that don't mix well with pedestrians walking in the street. The buildings on the north side of the street include the County Social Services building, Uptown Place condos, SEIU, and climbing gym. Please require them to keep this crossing open. I am attaching a picture of a man in a walker crossing in the street here. Every day, I see something like this. Thanks in advance for your attention to this.


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