City Owned Street light pole- Dominion says they grounded the new wiring into the earth from the pole Archived

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I heard buzzing noises for days after dominion determined there was a voltage problem that led them to rewire my 2 hots and a cold coming from 1943 brick georgian home. I sustained 5 days and nights of piercing frequencies and then subsequently went to the ER. I was in prolonged QT sinus tachycardia and have permanent myocardial damage. Dom VA Power has denied any requests to resolve this matter and I have been living with my 2 dogs in the Westin hotel. I still received a bill this month from DOM (nothing but one light on) for 200+ dollars? the pole is located behind the fence in the alleyway (2nd one in on right from Lafayette) . I have a whistleblower and I have called FERC Compliance.

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