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I don't know if this is the proper place or category but I'm having problems with the trash collector when he picks up the trash. Every time he comes and picks up the trash he sets the barrel down and drags it across the yard ripping up grass and soil, in the process blocking in my trailer and causing me to have to move it back and rake out the dirt and soil pieces twice a week, for some reason this guy is singling me out cause not one other of my neighbors have this problem yet he seems it as neccessary for mine. Its not like it is obstructed from above or on the sides anymore than most of my neighbors either as I will post pics here of mine after I fixed it and of neighbors on the comments of I can

also asked...
Q. What issue is being reported?
A. Improper Container Placement
Q. If this is a special item pick-up request, what items need to be picked up?
A. No Answer Given
Q. Is this a residential or commercial request?
A. Residential

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