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Blighted Properties


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4 Story Concrete Industrial Building. Formerly Hanson & Whitney Tap
& Die Manufacturing. Currently an Moving & Storage Facility. Storage
of Vehicles, Boats Etc. all over & around the property. Property's been
on Parkville's Blighted Property lists supplied by Parkville's N.R.Z. to
City of Hartford officials for over 20 Years. No attempt ever made to
mothball the building. All windows have been gone for many years.
This property can be seen from highway (I-84) as drivers head west.
Blinds blowing through open windows, just before junk yard remains.
This is Biggest Eyesore in Parkville and the most visible Blight Issue.
This Property is part of Parkville's 2009 Municipal Development Plan.

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Q. What is the address of blighted property?
A. 169 -171 Bartholomew Avenue

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