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So the bike gang phenomenon in New Haven is actually kinda funny - low seats, swarms of them on sidewalks, cutting off foot and vehicular traffic. I often am accosted on my bike (that is, they deliberately aim right at me, even as I'm going right way on street, before swerving at last second), but I've typically found it funny - I wear a helmet and I'm fairly larger than they are, so they will get it far worse than me (though I guess if they gained up on me they could probably hurt me). But if my grandma were biking in NH, she might feel threatened by them, and that is what concerns me. NH cyclists should feel safe and secure from cars but also fellow cyclists. Stricter enforcement of cyclist rules might help (although with all the construction and pointless one-way streets, I would add that every cyclist in the city has probably violated sidewalk rules at some point). Any other thoughts?


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