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Traffic Signs Được thừa nhận

Ventura Blvd At Modesto Ne Albuquerque, New Mexico Hiển thị trên Bản đồ Ẩn Bản đồ
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Traffic Signs

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1525 lần

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N Albuquerque Acres

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This street is city, not county. We need the street to have
bars in asphalt, paint a large area that shows they need to stop- people know there is a stop sign but choose to run it. It is being run at high speeds, Northbound and southbound but mainly
northbound by residents. More visuals and or bumps/bars on road are needed.

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Hỏi. Issue Type
Đáp. No Power on Sign (For laminated Signs)
Hỏi. What type of Sign?
Đáp. Stop Sign
Hỏi. Include date and time of day
Đáp. Ongoing/old issue
Hỏi. Closest intersection
Đáp. Modesto NE
Hỏi. Direction of Travel
Đáp. Mainly affecting North bound traffic

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