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New Haven


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East Rock

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bridge, bike concern

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Motorbikes continue to present an extraordinary danger to pedestrians and their children and cyclists by screaming up the closed road from English Drive to the summit of East Rock. On the evening of 8/7/12, for example, three motorbikes sped up that road around 7 p.m., imperiling many parents and their children, adults and their pets, and cyclists out for an evening stroll or ride on the closed road. Police are rarely visible at the park and a sense of lawlessness pervades the area, which is generally filthy. A firm presence is required at the pedestrian entrances on English drive and on Trowbridge, off of State Street.

  • Steve (Khách)

  • Justin Elicker (Khách)

  • Ann H. (Người dùng đã đăng ký)

  • Concerned citizen and New Haven taxpayer (Khách)

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  • Jo A (Khách)

  • Rich Hanley (Người dùng đã đăng ký)

  • Rich Hanley (Người dùng đã đăng ký)

  • Đã đóng Rich Hanley (Người dùng đã đăng ký)

  • CT Livable Streets Campaign (Người dùng đã đăng ký)

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