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I routinely cross Bridge St at this intersection with my young child at about 820 every morning. Two days ago we were nearly hit by a car in the crosswalk in that the bumper made contact with my purse inside the crosswalk --- while we had the crosslight. Then today cars blocked the crosswalk during a red light, making it difficult for me to safely cross the street in the time allotted by the crosslight.

This intersection needs some immediate TLC either in the form of a barrel in the middle of the crosswalk reminding drivers there is a crosswalk or in the form of police monitoring the traffic for a few days. Drivers need reminding that the road needs to be shared with pedestrians and they need to not block or enter the crosswalks when they have a red light and pedestrians have the crosslight.

Thank you.

*Editing to clarify the issue is in crossing Bridge St from the St. Peter street side to the apartment complex side.


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