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In summer 2012, the Amtrak 2040 New York City to Boston high speed rail plan was revised to include a connection to Providence R.I..

However, the route still bypasses Stamford, Bridgeport, and New Haven in favor of a route through Danbury.

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Amtrak's high speed rail system from New York City to Boston should not bypass Connecticut's most economically vibrant cities. Additionally, adding a high speed route through Upstate New York and Danbury, instead of through an area that already has a large amount of existing urban infrastructure, would create more development pressure in environmentally sensitive areas.

We should be focusing our nation's infrastructure investments into our most sustainable, economically competitive urban centers, not into "green fields."

By point of comparison, the planned high speed rail route from Washington DC to NYC passes through the urban centers of Baltimore, Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Newark -- not through rural and semi-rural areas.

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