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When reporting an issue with SeeClickFix, Any Category that is Selected under the Miami-Dade County group requires the completion of "Name of School", "Type of School" and "Are you to principal?" Regardless of whether or not the selected category applies to a school or not, eg. Potholes, illegal U-Turns or Road Hazards. While all of these issues can happen near a school, Not all of them do. And those that don't still require these fields to be completed.
After calling tech support at SeeClickFix and showing their personnel the situation, they informed me that those question were set by the people in Miami-Dade County and agreed that the best way to address the issue would be to report it here.
This condition occurs both with the SeeClickFix website as well as the IOS iPhone App

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Q. Name of school?
A. N/A
Q. Type of school?
A. Elementary

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