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When you see these teens, you might assume they are just a bunch of kids on their bikes. But they are actually street gangs. They have been observed "occupying space," urinating in the streets and on trees (this is, as I understand it, indecent exposure, and is punishable by law), fighting with others and each other, creating loud noise disturbances, and mugging people. Of course, this is only what some have observed, as street gangs are well known for their trafficking in drugs and people (aka "pimping").

I want serious discussion of a curfew in New Haven, and there is all of this talk about NHPD walking beats, but we never see any of them walking Beaver Hill. To be fair, I have seen police cars driving around from time to time, but we need the NHPD to start taking Beaver Hill seriously as a new ground for gang activity. This was once a beautiful neighborhood - it no longer is. Do not go on our past reputation - the residents have changed drastically over the past 2 years specifically, with our supposed "support" turning a blind eye.

Fellow residents of Beaver Hill, when you see these street gangs on bicycles, observe them. Report any illegal activity to the police immediately, and record your findings here as well.


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