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Public Urination and Defecation Open

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Located at the intersection of Broad St. and Kater St., there is a Hess gas station. People are using the dumpster as a bathroom. Occurring multiple times a day, people are continually urinating behind the dumpster. My front door and window are located directly in front of the dumpster and men are continually exposing themselves. Being a woman, this makes the situation even worse. I have spoken to the manager and he says there is nothing that he can do. I have seen the people who work inside of the attendant booth direct people over to the dumpster since there is not a public restroom on site. There have also been cases where men have defecated and left their boxers covered and smelling horrible of @#$% outside my home until I personally had to remove them. The smell that builds up from the continual urination is unbearable!!. I have attached a picture of the area and you can see the urine stains on the cement. Please help!!!!

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