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For more than one year a recreational vehicle has been parked and lived in like two adults and two children at 5320 for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street North. This property is owned by partner properties LLC and was rezoned commercial several years ago. The RV has been plugged in for more than one year to the electricity at 5230 dr. Martin Luther King Junior St., North. The 5230 address is the home of Vivian R.Huston, A senior citizen.

There are at least one half dozen vehicles on the two properties and trash and garbage throughout.The backyard has been fenced and there are questions by the neighbors as to what is going on in the 5320 backyard since the fence is disproportionately more expensive than the property it sits upon and the poor upkeep of the home and front yard of this senior citizen.
The RV and the condition of the property are deteriorating property values in the Franklin Heights neighborhood. I believe that there are city ordinances in place but do not allow people to live in trailers on residential property and commercial property that is not zoned for such a use. A message and phone call to the partner properties LLC agent did not result in any response last July. We believe that a commercial property may not have a residential use such as recreational vehicle use as a home. If the property owner is collecting rent this would not be in line with proper zoning that was secured when the property was sold several years ago.

In addition there is some fear among some neighbors that Ms. Huston being taken advantage of as a senior by the residents of the RV and this may be a case of elder abuse with access to her life savings and any social security checks she may be receiving in light of the new fencing and the numerous new cars that have appeared. There are multiple a ATV type vehicles old rusty trailers and just garbage throughout these two properties around the RV trailer.

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