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Mosquitos, Ticks and West Nile . . . come on down! Archived

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The wooded area behind the houses along the 1500 Block of Blackrock Rd, along the Blue Route Barrier, is now the central point for every bug in Delco to congregate. Nobody claims the land (The Twp says its the State and the State says it's PennDot and PennDot says its PECO) and the weeds and vines have literally reached the point where they hang ten to 20 feet behind people's homes. It is impossible to go out in the early morning, let along at night for the amount of mosquitoes, gnats and ticks that are in this area. Not to mention the perfect cover it creates for any one to do as they please back there. (No problem, I'll clean up the dumped tires, appliances and beer cans that pop up weekly).
Telephone wires are no longer visible because of the overgrowth, which I'm sure won't cause any problems. All of this happens despite this being in the very neighborhood where a State Rep and Twp Commissioner live. It's bad enough the park at the top of Blackrock, where two homes stood before the Blue Route came is mowed maybe three times a summer.

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