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Parking Violation/Abandoned Auto


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This van (Honda w/ plates 534 ZGG) constantly parks illegally blocking multiple things. In this photo he's blocking the exit to the apartment building making it almost impossible to get out this way since it's left turn only. The sign in front of him says no parking, so the spot is illegal. Notice in the photo the parking spot available in front of the red car on the right side of the street. I watched him park this van, so I know that spot was available as he did it.
He often blocks other driveways in this same area ignoring their corresponding signs. He's also parked ON the car in front of him in the photo making it impossible for them to get out and possibly doing damage to the car. The driver even nicks cars all the time ( was told by his neighbor in his building it's because he's constantly drunk).
Also, almost every week somebody plays with keys and hits the honk button. Be it 7-8am on Saturday or 11pm on a Tuesday, they don't care. They'll hit the button and make the horn honk for hours on end sometimes. It's ridiculous! I've often woken up on Sunday mornings at 7am to this car honking for 45 minutes straight. It's not a constant alarm type honk. It's the honk that some cars have that happens when you hit the lock button, only they must be hitting the button every 10-20 seconds playing with the keys. I'm not the only neighbor to be annoyed by this.


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