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Trash & Debris not in the street Acknowledged

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Trash & Debris not in the street


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Trash was taken out of the house such as all the carpeting, rotted wood, and other house items and left in drive near the back for over 2 months now. Keller Williams owns the property that was deemed unlivable by the city but refuses to fix up the house to code and is trying to sell it as is. Please take care of this house once and for all as I have watched it become a terrible eyesore for over 8 years now and even had the local news stations do a report on it a couple years ago. I will be calling my local politicians to get involved this time since the code compliance office refuses to follow up on this property. There have been other properties in the city not nearly in this bad of shape that have been torn down but this one just keeps sitting creating a hazard for the neighbors with the mold and toxins being released from the house.


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