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Vandalism Repair


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There are at least two individuals illegally dirt biking on the Walnut Creek Trail in between the S State St. and Lunar Drive entrances. They use the trail sometime in between 4-6 pm on weekdays and sometime on the weekends. They are destroying the turf next to the trail and leaving ruts wherever they please. I suspect they visit a drug dealer close to the Ralph Campbell Community Center, since their destination is close by and they never stay for more than a minute or two before returning to the trail to retrace their path.

also asked...
Q. What is the location of the vandalism?
A. Greenways
Q. Please describe the location.
A. Trail section between Nightshade Way and Rock Quarry Road
Q. What is the name of the park or greenway trail?
A. Walnut Creek Trail
Q. Please provide the location and problem. (i.e. mile marker, landmark, intersection etc)
A. Dirt bikers are creating mud rut at sewer stack next to trail

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