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Hello, I ate lunch at Bertucci's in Framingham yesterday with my friend. She is allergic to peppers and asked specific questions about the food preparation to ascertain if the pizza she ordered had peppers. She told the server she was allergic to peppers, as well.

She requested plain olive oil, because the olive oil served with the bread had been infused with peppers. The server was definitely aware she had an allergy.

When her pizza arrived, she took one bite and turned away coughing very hard. Her pizza had been served with hot pepper flakes on it! Luckily, I carry Benadryl in my purse, as I have a daughter with several food allergies. I gave her one, but she had no water. I asked two different servers, not our own as she was nowhere in evidence, and requested we get some water and to please send our server over. I even told them she was served something she is allergic to. The entire staff was deplorably lackadaisical, acting as if it was no big deal. I finally got fed up waiting and got up to find someone to bring her water. I found our server and she asked me, "Ma'am, why are you acting so upset?" She obviously had no clue how serious a food allergy reaction can be.

So we finally get water and my friend finally gets some Benadryl in her. It began to help her immediately, but there is no way she should have waited 5-10 min to get help. Timely administration of medicine is needed to stop an allergic reaction from turning into anaphylaxis. It's a damn good thing I was there, because the staff had no clue!

I do not believe they were aware of the MA Food Allergy Awareness Act. No one other than our server came out to check on Rose. At the very least, I would have expected a visit from the manager. I have a food allergic child and whenever there is a concern, we usually speak to a manager or chef. I asked to speak to a chef and was told one wasn't there. I do not believe this particular Bertucci's takes food allergies seriously.

It is glaringly obvious the staff was not well trained in food allergy awareness. IF they were trained, then the training was shockingly ineffective. I would like you to investigate and determine if corrective actions are needed. I have contacted Bertucci's with these same concerns.


T. Lewis

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A. Investigate Food Allerfy Awareness - possible violations at restaurant


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