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Crazy Driving At Exit 22A Becoming Prevalent Open

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Drivers are cutting across lanes abruptly to take the exit to another freeway route, or to avoid it. One is the i-95, the other Route 6. One sign clearly says Boston, but people are still cutting across abruptly and endangering others. It is not like you are going to be stuck on the freeway for eons in the wrong direction if you miss the exit, as an exit near Providence Place is upcoming.

This has occurred several times in the last week that I have witnessed; who knows how many others are doing it. It would be nice if this were fixed by either having a P.O. visible for awhile in this area to deter this "Los Angeles" style of driving, or if it is due to unclear signage cueing them in before they get to these choices, please fix that. As colder weather nears, with ice and snow on the way it seems like it could become even more dangerous.

This has been noted as occurring at other freeway exits and such of late, but it seems to really occur frequently at this particular junction.

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