Chronic blight/illegal dumping at 15-year vacant property Open

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This property, and the half-lot behind it at 2409 25th Ave, have been vacant and unmaintained for over 15 years, and have become magnets for illegal dumping, graffiti, squatters, and drug trafficking. Neighbors have been steadily filing blight, nuisance, and non-emergency reports since that time, as well as repeatedly attempting to engage city officials via NCPC meetings and making calls to our neighborhood PSO and city council member. This lack of responsiveness is extremely discouraging to our neighbors, who, again, have been practically begging for 15 years. In the meantime, the only thing that keeps the illegal dumping under control is the charitable efforts of a local church. The building was formally condemned in 2010, but again, the city has no plans to demolish the structure or otherwise rehabilitate the property. Please help!

P.S. The attached picture was actually taken on a good day, when the graffiti was minimal and the dumping had been recently hauled off. It regularly gets far worse.

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