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green light too short for bicyclists to get through intersection Acknowledged

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re-posting this 10/7/2015 issue because City of Medford said they are closing all old issues as they join See-Click-Fix (I have no idea why they it necessary to close old posts): The green light on Dexter Street is 5 seconds long, which is not long enough for bicyclists to get through this large intersection. The short green light combined with extremely long red light plus having to compete with oncoming traffic from the CVS parking lot means Dexter Street gets backed up past Bow Street during rush hour, as only a couple of cars can get through the intersection per light cycle. It also sets up a game of chicken between Dexter St and the CVS parking lot traffic, with people not yielding to oncoming traffic when making left turns... very dangerous. Needs either "left turns yield to oncoming traffic" signs or change so Dexter and CVS parking don't compete for the same green light, plus a longer green light.

Past comments from other users included:
2 "No Turn on Red" signs on Broadway (one for each direction) would be a good idea, too. I've seen cars turning from Broadway onto Medford by going across Dexter.

Additionally, the signal detection from Dexter Street is not calibrated for bikes. So if no car is there, the signal will skip Dexter and bikes cannot legally cross the intersection.

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