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"No left turn" sign is not near the actual intersection Acknowledged

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Roadway Visual Obstruction - Vegetation Blocking Driver's View


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It looks as though a "no left turn" sign was recently added to the west bound side of wade avenue near the Woodburn Rd intersection. This is great as there have been many instances of unnecessary traffic being created as a result of that turn being allowed. However, the sign was put a couple car lengths before the actual intersection so that you can't actually see the sign if you've stopped to turn.

In two separate instances within a day of one another, I've seen drivers attempt and turn left even though the turn is not legal. It may be that this sign is just too new and people haven't noticed it yet but it's also not placed in the most visible/convenient location either. The sign is at least a car length, if not more, before the intersection and on the right side of the west bound wade avenue.

A sign like this really needs to be placed closer to the intersection, possibly even on the left side. Being placed at the median would be much more ideal but the road is already fairly narrow already and no concrete median exists at that part of Wade Avenue.

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Q. What is obstructed?
A. Sign
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A. "No left turn" sign is not near the actual intersection


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