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Trash & Debris not in the street


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garbage on front porch, back porch, in yard, in garage, in house, on sidewalk. Garage door broken and hanging with graffiti sprayed on it. When there is an issue with bed bug furniture, parking or children the mess is moved one house down the street to 1616 James. Same people appear to live in both rentals 1624 & 1616 James. The condition of these 2 properties is ruining our neighborhood. NEIGHBORHOOD WOULD LIKE LANSING CITY CODE COMPLIANCE OFFICERS TO INSPECT THESE HOMES. This has gone on for over a year with no assistance from the landlord at either property. Neighborhood is unsafe because of these 2 homes. Constant traffic, garbage, neglected children, loud and aggressive tenants, bed bugs and vermin. Possible drug trafficking. Please evict these tenants and condemn these 2 unsafe properties. Landlord does nothing to assist neighbors who have contacted him.


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