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Tree Concern within a Park


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We received an email, "I'm trying to find out who to contact in regards to work that is being done in my neighborhood. I live on Curtis Drive in Columbia, and last week, a crew came out and cleared out a whole section of woods. The area is adjacent to a run-off pond. I initially contacted Columbia Association, and they've directed me to you. I was just wondering if I could find out what the overall plan is for that area. I understand that the project is not finished, as the tree stumps were left very high and a large pile of rubble remains. My concern is that the area has been left in complete disarray, and as it is now, it looks much worse than it did. I'm hoping there is a plan in place to make the area look nice, especially since we've lost a considerable amount of privacy. Our home is directly to the right of the affected area. I've attached a photo of the area for reference."

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Q. What is the condition of the tree?
A. Fallen

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