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Epcon (919-815-9987) development company of a new community off Roger's Road is causing water pollution to Forgotten Pond, Heritage Community. Pollution is detrimental to aquatic life. It is limiting sunlight penetration into pond. Pollution can cause negative effects on ecosystem affecting not only aquatic life but increased bacteria to pond. Dead fish have been seen.

Requesting Epcon remediation to polluted water. Sampling should be tested from pond. Epcon should apply Eco-safe chemicals and water fountain aeration as soon as possible to rectify damage incurred to another community's property.

3/21/16 Update: Epcon is considering options and not to expect overnight remediation. -per Eric Keravuoir, Town Wake Forest (919-435-9441.)

Requesting issue to marked to to "OPEN" not closed as no actions of remediation has been taken. Requesting NC DEQ (Division of Environmental Quality) become involved (919-791-4200) to help ensure that the safeguarding Forgotten Pond be prioritized.

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