Acknowledged by: City of Albuquerque (ABQ311)

Abandoned Vehicle Acknowledged

635 Adams Street Northeast Albuquerque, New Mexico Show on Map Hide Map
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Abandoned Vehicle


856 times


Pueblo Alto



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Have reported this vehicle twice before. Someone has come out and put an orange sticker on the window. The owner simply removes the sticker and that is all. This car is believed to be sitting there so someone can hit it and they can defraud them of insurance.

also asked...
Q. License Plate #
A. KRM310
Q. State
A. New Mexico
Q. Make
A. Honda
Q. Model
A. Accord
Q. Color
A. White
Q. Year
A. No Answer Given
Q. Condition
A. Poor
Q. Summary of problem
A. Vehicle has been parked on street for over a year without moving. It was significant damage and deflated tires.
Q. Number of days there?
A. 500
Q. Private or Public?
A. Public

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