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test, noise complaint



I would like preface by saying that I am aware that the following concern involving noise pollution should actually be channeled through the St. Petersburg Police Department. But please proceed to read my reason for voicing my concern here.

It seems as if the number of cars blasting bass, lifted pickup trucks with excessively loud mods, and motorcycles (especially Harley Davidson models) with loud pipes travelling all over the city have collectively stripped St. Petersburg residents of the fundamental human right to live in reasonable peace and quiet. Parents with new-born infants and elderly citizens with heart and blood pressure risks are probably the most important victims to take into consideration here.

The reason I am now voicing my issue here is because, after submitting dozens of complaints to the department over a period of almost a year, I haven't observed even the slightest bit of abatement yet. Recently, I was finally told that, while this problem is recognized by the department, it is of low priority for the them. I was then sternly instructed to cease with complaints. I think this widespread problem has proven to be out of the department's ability to control. Nonetheless, we are still dealing with violations of both State engine noise laws as well as city noise ordinances.

Ultimately, I was wondering if there are any upcoming city meetings where this issue can be discussed by city council and attending residents, where we can come together and brainstorm solutions that could possibly aid or supplement the SPPD's policing.

Without community action, I think this problem will continue to take a toll on the city in many aspects that are far more detrimental than we all realize.

I put the map location marker on the center of St. Pete because I do not want any aforementioned offenders that may be reading this to target my neighborhood in retaliation for voicing this concern. However, I feel that it is a city-wide epidemic suffered in all neighborhoods much too frequently 24 hours a day.

Thank you for your time.

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